Republic of Slovenia

1 tolar = 100 stotins
International Currency Code
 Central Bank Web Site
Banka Slovenia
Slovenska 35
1505 Ljubljana
Central Bank Address
Current Exchange Rate (website referral)
EURO, USD  (DEM Before 1 January, 2002)
Main Foreign Currency

Facts in brief: Slovenia has been one of the Former Yugoslavia's best success stories, and next in line for European Union membership.  The Tolar is a stable currency, easily convertible to other currencies of the region and/or hard currencies.  Due to the Tolar's stability, it is not necessary to use a "second" currency in daily commerce, as is the case in most of the other former Yugoslavian republics.  Notes of 10 Tolar are few in circulation, as it has been replaced by a coins.  Notes of 20 Tolar and above are in common use.

These notes are currently in circulation and valid for commerce:
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