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c/o James Pickering
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c/o James Pickering
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Sofia,, Bulgaria

A new service for our international clientele.  We now list information and pictures of banknotes from countries in which their Central Bank cooperates in this effort.  We have direct contact with these banks, and can help you with any issues you may have in regards to banknote emissions and or features.

As we slowly develop relations with the various central banks, we will add their notes to this FREE website service highly recommends one of the world's greatest authority on banknote emissions.  We distribute a full colour catalogue of world currencies, which shows both the front and back side of each banknote currently in circulation. Security features are also noted for every issue. This book is an excellent Reference for day to day operations for anyone dealing with foreign exchange.

Pricing (USD):
One Copy 2003 issue, plus one  Year Subscription ( 12 monthly updates)  USD150.00
Multiple Copies 2003 issue, plusne  Year Subscription ( 12 monthly updates)  USD(enquire)
One Copy 2002 issue:  USD50.00
One Copy 2001 issue:  USD25.00

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